About Us

Queen's Vanity is your go-to makeup luggage 

How we started?

Queen's Vanity started life in Toronto, Canada, when an aspiring makeup artist  became too puzzled by packing her countless makeup products in different vanities and un-packing them after the freelancing services she was offering were done. The problem was not only organising products, but also the lack of right lighting at different hotel rooms, houses or even outdoor where she generally did her client's makeup. So, she decided to launch her very own, customised makeup vanity.

The vanity sold like hot-cakes in Canada, her makeup enthusiast friends, family everybody wanted it. As the industry of makeup is ever-growing India, the demand for the right makeup tools is increasing day-by-day to ensure minimum efforts and maximum results. In a collaboration with Anannya Agrawal from India who is a fashion graduate, they wanted the vanity to launch in their native land so that her fellow Indian-mates could also enjoy the benefits of the very useful vanity. Hence, we are here, presenting you the star of the show: Pro Studio Artist Makeup Train Case with Lights.

Who we are?

We are a group of motivated and highly obsessed makeup lovers, who are building a community of makeup addicts and providing them with products and services that are sure to make their lives better and easier. Based in New Delhi, India, we have the full support of our dedicated professionals, our founder and directors to help you find just the right luggage for your little babies so that you could just relax and do wonders with your life and travel in style. Our office culture and love for research, makes us ready to take on the world each day!

What's special about the product?

We all know what wonders the right lighting can do, no matter if it's photography, makeup or simply decorating our homes. Therefore, the vanity was designed with ample storage space along with dimmable lights to make sure the artists and professionals get the perfect light to avoid over-done or under-done makeup.

The makeup vanity also has an in-built space for vanity legs, removable wheels, extra tray for straighteners, brushes, hair dryers and even a second port for hassle-free machine plug-ins. It's portability gives the product bonus points!

For any further information, don't hesitate to drop us a mail at info@queensvanity.com. We'll be happy to assist you!